About Real Mom Daily

McKenzie Satterthwaite founded Real Mom Daily when she saw a need for conscious mothers to connect. Real Mom Daily is a trusted parenting resource. Everything we offer is to inspire and meld you with a better life and a better world. We know you are busy, so our Smart Mom’s Nightly News Cheat Sheet helps to keep you and your family tuned in with world news, stay on top of health issues and keep you engaged with education conversations. Our articles and videos are to inspire and support living a positive, healthy lifestyle, And our Real Mom’bassador program helps to bring all of this together by connecting millions of on-the-go parents.

We believe in the importance of giving women a platform to tell their stories, voice their opinions and share their experiences. We are curious women with passions, hobbies, and common needs and interests.

We are united by motherhood, exploring issues that impact our families, our personal growth, and our future. We are here to connect with you, business and other organizations that cling tight to those ideals. We are all about the power of mom! We’re not perfect, we are real and with that imperfection, we are here to inspire moms to build a better life and a better world.