I’m not a coffee snob; but, mine’s really the best. It must be, because everyone asks for it when they come over. So, here’s how YOU can make it, too. I buy whole bean caffeinated coffee (really anything at Trader Joes) and COARSE grind it at the store. In a lidded jar (or French press) I pour 1 part grounds to 4 parts water. This will be up to your personal taste, but this is how I like it. Sometimes, even less water to my coffee. I also add a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon. Leave a little room at the top. Cover and stir/shake. (If you are using a French press, cover with saran wrap and seal with a rubber band. If a jar, close the lid!) Leave on your counter (or in the fridge if you have room) for 24 hours. Filter through a good paper filter. This coffee is less acidic, so you won’t get a stomach ache. But it IS strong. I even make fun-shaped (see the hearts?) coffee ice cubes out of it, so when the cubes melt, it doesn’t dilute the coffee. I am addicted to Trader Joe’s soy creamer, and use only that. But, feel free to use whatever makes you happy. Enjoy!


Author: Ali Dubin, MA, CPC

Ali Dubin, M.A., CPC is a psychospiritual, humanistic, intuitive, practical counselor and life coach working with individuals, couples, and families in southern California or by video all over the world. She lectures on love, self-love, giving and receiving love, and on love languages. Ali has worked with LGBTQ families for more than 25 years. She is also a professional freelance portrait photographer, a Second City-trained improviser, proficient in American Sign Language, and best of all, a mom to two daughters. She is currently completing her doctorate in Psychology-Marriage and Family Therapy. https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/277656 View all posts by Ali Dubin, MA, CPC

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