Grandpa, whose house we spent our summers at when we were kids, would never cease to amaze me with what he could do with an empty coffee can. All in the name of “Cheap Entertainment”, a phrase he coined and has become a part of our family’s vernacular. Coffee can stilts are an “oldie but goody” to try on long summer days. Once they’re made the kids will spend hours playing with them!

2 coffee cans with lids. The wider mouthed the better. The larger circumference is easier on feet.

A screw driver or drill

Fabric or rope around 8 feet total depending on the height of the person using them.

Paint if you want to decorate.

Step 1

Take off the lids and make sure the cans are empty. Using a Phillips Head screwdriver or drill, place two holes directly across from each other about 1/2 an inch form the top of the can. Paint, cover with stickers, or leave plain. If you’ve painted them let them dry.

Step 2

Thread fabric or rope through the holes making the knots on the inside of the can. We cut 1 1/2 inch strips of fabric; 4 feet per can. Instead of rope, we chose fabric for the added element of color and because it is softer on little hands.

Step 3

Put the lid back on the can. Grab your handles and hop on! *Note: We made ours with the lids on top.  Doing it this way was softer on little feet. However, when mama tried it, we realized to sustain her weight we should probably  use the extra structure of the metal bottoms.


Author: McKenzie Satterthwaite

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