This is a fun way to get creative without much set up.  Pick through your recycling bin, rummage through that junk drawer in the kitchen. You’ll find plenty of “do-dads” that can easily be gotten rid of or “purposed”.  The more you play, the more the kids will lock in. It’s an adventure! You’re all on a mission together!


Whatever you have in your recycling bin

Scotch Tape



You have landed on the planet Mars. After a short walk you have found what looks like water. It’s a good thing because your current supply is dwindling fast. Use these items to collect and filter the “water” you’ve found hopefully making it drinkable.


“You have landed on the planet Mars.”


You have discovered a serum that spreads peace and love. You want to send it out to the world as fast as possible. What can you build?


Someone or someTHING is sneaking around all of the popcorn fields in the world gobbling the popcorn kernels up. Create something that will scare IT off!


“Create something that will scare IT off!”

Now you come up with a few of your own! The kiddos will LOVE it!


Author: McKenzie Satterthwaite

Mom of 2 boys McKenzie (Mack) founded Real Mom Daily because of her own need to connect with like minded women and companies. Environmental sustainability and social justice run through the veins of everything in Mack's life. She just spent a year in Bali, Indonesia where her kids attended the Green School. They lived in a simple house in the middle of the rice paddies in Ubud. Now back in Los Angeles, simplicity is quickly forgotten. Prior to REAL MOM DAILY, Mack co-founded and created Camp Chat and the XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) Life skills and Leadership Program which is licensed by over 2,000 martial arts schools around the world. Mack also did a stint as a lead character on the soap opera As The World Turns. Jett Lee taught her how to fire a gun (though she'd NEVER keep one in her home), she's had a few too many vodkas with Jackie Chan, she's written 2 screen plays, made a short film, fully renovated 6 houses, started 4 companies, and as a kid detasseled corn in Illinois (yes, she can drive a tractor) and like many entrepreneurs, she once had a paper route. With Real Mom Daily Mack interfaces with influencers, companies and politicians on city, state and national levels to advocate for issues that stand for social good. Mack's Quaker upbringing gives her an appreciation for all things simple. She cooks dinner and has a nightly moment of silence before her family eats at a table often graced by friends and family. When she looks at her glass she sees it half full but... she's a skipping contradiction. View all posts by McKenzie Satterthwaite

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