Recently we here at BABY MAMA passed our one-year mark. And it seems to me that as every month has passed, we’ve gotten closer and closer to the heart of the matter: what it is to be a Baby Mama. To be women who are aware, listening, changing, growing, sharing. Connecting with our world—and always with the intent to make it a little better.

This month’s features capture our mission, in all its messy beauty. I dare you to read K. Wilhoite’s story about trying as a teenager to make her mom stay sober without a few tears. Or our two pieces from our newest—and youngest—writers: teenagers Natalie Wise and Erin Neil. Their words and actions inspire and give me hope. And how about Alice Scovell’s story of an 18th-century woman painter? Her life has enormous relevance to some of the issues we Baby Mamas face today.

The point is, we all try. And though we sometimes stumble, because we’ve tried we grow. Feels good, doesn’t it?


Author: Ann Clark Espuelas

Ann Clark Espuelas has more than 25 years of experience in publishing and communications. She has worked on both the editorial and production sides, online and offline, and has managed a wide range of complex projects from conception to execution. She is especially driven to find and share stories about complex, timely issues important to women. Ann has four published books to her credit, Why We Care: Global Leaders on Reproductive Health; Finding Ultra (with Rich Roll); Screw It, Let’s Do It (with Richard Branson); and The Real Food Revival. View all posts by Ann Clark Espuelas

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