I am not a fan of raw kale (my vegan daughter likes it) but I can’t get enough salty crunchy baked kale. I recommend curly kale for its less bitter taste, but red kale is super pretty (shown here in my photos), and dinosaur kale is fun and easy to cut and eat.

Step 1. WASH your kale! Buy organic and locally grown (or grow your own) if possible.

Step 2. Slice the leaves off the ribs. The ribs are icky and fibrous. I’m sure there’s some good use for them, but not in this recipe. I use a sharp fillet knife for this – I find it much easier. (See pretty blue knife in photo.)

Step 3. Spread evenly in single layer on baking pan. Coat lightly with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Other options include, but are not limited to: garlic powder, lemon pepper, chili powder… Massage the oil and seasonings into the kale. This sounds absurd, but massaging the kale makes it more tender. I’m really serious. Works on people, too.

Step 4. Spread it back out evenly and bake at 325˚ F for 20 minutes. Check it and add time in 5 minute increments until it’s crunchy throughout.

Step 5. ENJOY your super healthy crunchy snack! Even the kiddos will love this. Makes a total mess, so be prepared. Or better yet, feed your monsters outside.




Author: Ali Dubin, MA, CPC

Ali Dubin, M.A., CPC is a psychospiritual, humanistic, intuitive, practical counselor and life coach working with individuals, couples, and families in southern California or by video all over the world. She lectures on love, self-love, giving and receiving love, and on love languages. Ali has worked with LGBTQ families for more than 25 years. She is also a professional freelance portrait photographer, a Second City-trained improviser, proficient in American Sign Language, and best of all, a mom to two daughters. She is currently completing her doctorate in Psychology-Marriage and Family Therapy. https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/277656 View all posts by Ali Dubin, MA, CPC

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