“When we are blocked in this chakra, it can manifest in various forms of thyroid dysfunctions, most commonly hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, one in eight American women will develop a thyroid disorder at some point in their lifetime.

The thyroid is a large butterfly shaped gland located at the center of the throat that secretes hormones regulating growth and metabolism. In yogic science, we refer to this center of the body as the fifth chakra, or throat chakra, and it corresponds energetically to the energy of communication. When we are blocked in this chakra, it can manifest in various forms of thyroid dysfunctions, most commonly hyperthyroidism (when the thyroid is overworking) or hypothyroidism (when it is working too slowly). In either case, this can affect our ability to communicate clearly.

According to the Cleveland Clinic,one in eight American women will develop a thyroid disorder at some point in their lifetime. It is important to have your thyroid checked and to be medicated accordingly by your doctor, if necessary. Often, a thyroid disorder can be the result of a lack of iodine in the diet or from hormonal changes occurring during and around pregnancy. Keeping table salt with added iodine instead of sea salt might be a good preventative measure.

The yogic approach to balancing this area of the body is a simple two step technique to eliminate toxicity from this area. Using the technology of kundalini yoga and meditation, you can help yourself process the ways that energy around the subject of communication has become stagnant in your body. As women, from a young age, we are often given the message that it is dangerous for us to speak our truth. When women who feel they must suppress something, this area of the body becomes unbalanced. Remembering that there is always a way to speak our truth.  Courage and kindness is the first step in healing this situation.

Practicing the Thyroid Kriya for a period of forty days, for eleven minutes a day, is a way to consciously and constructively balance yourself, and feel empowered in the process. Set aside a time each day to practice and commit to the process, allowing for emotions and subconscious patterning to release as you go through it.

  1. Begin on your hands and knees in Cow pose (head lifted up and tilted back with the spine sunk down and buttocks up)
  2. Fixing the open eyes on the ceiling, breathe from the belly with long, deep breaths for 7 minutes.
  3. As you breathe slowly, consciously think of something that bothers you, and ponder it deeply. (This allows for negative subconscious patterning to be released.)
  4. At the end of the 7 minutes, take a deep breath and lower your body into baby pose, kneeling down on your mat with the forehead on the floor, and hold for 4 minutes, relaxing the brain.

Commit to the process and set your intention of balancing this area of your body so that the areas of communication may flow better in your life. Remembering that, many times, when an imbalance shows up in our body, there is an opportunity for us to learn from it and shift it.

Sat Nam.


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Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

Libby Hudson Lydecker is a mother of two, a Kundalini Yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, a screenwriter and a Real Mom Daily partner. Libby Serves as the Lifestyle and Wellness Editor for RMD. As Lifestyle and Wellness Editor, Libby brings her wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and holistic life hacks to her articles as well as real world solutions through yoga techniques in her Mindful Mama video series created at RMD. Libby balances her time between her family, teaching Kundalini yoga to women and children, leading women’s yoga retreats in beautiful destinations around the country, writing screenplays and publishing articles for Real Mom Daily. Her ability to balance all of this comes from her strong yoga practice and a stronger sense of humor. Libby relates to Gloria Steinem’s quote, “Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” As well as Yogi Bhajan’s quote, “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Libby believes that Real Mom Daily is a forum for women to communicate consciously with kindness, real life perspectives and humor. RMD provides a supportive space for moms to feel understood and share their experiences. “When women gather together in consciousness, we can change the world.” View all posts by Libby Hudson Lydecker

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