EAT LOCAL By Tony Sears Eating Local, Farm-to-Table, Farm-to-Fork, Seasonal Menu have all become buzzwords for a movement that not only supports local growers but also provides a healthy and tasty alternative to the corporate, chemical laden, genetically modified food chain for nourishing your family. If you have ever eaten a ripe tomato, plucked straight off the vine, you will no doubt agree that even the best supermarket tomatoes never compare. The taste, the texture, the smell, the look – it’s just not the same. And the more corporatized farming becomes, the less likely you are to think “WOW!” when...

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BAKED KALE By Ali Dubin I am not a fan of raw kale (my vegan daughter likes it) but I can’t get enough salty crunchy baked kale. I recommend curly kale for its less bitter taste, but red kale is super pretty (shown here in my photos), and dinosaur kale is fun and easy to cut and eat. Step 1. WASH your kale! Buy organic and locally grown (or grow your own) if possible. Step 2. Slice the leaves off the ribs. The ribs are icky and fibrous. I’m sure there’s some good use for them, but not in this recipe....

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