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Ask Ali Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day Special Send in your questions for our resident family counselor to Hi Ali, My ex called to say that she and my daughter had planned a special Father’s Day for me and would pick me up at 1 p.m. and have me home by 7 p.m., but I’m engaged to be married in a year. My fiancée doesn’t like the idea of me and my ex spending the day together, since she wasn’t invited. What should I do? Me and the ex have been co-parenting. I have my daughter two to three times a week. We get along. The two...

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The Buzz About Honey

THE BUZZ ABOUT HONEY By Tony Sears I think I was a bee in another life. As a kid, I was fascinated with honeysuckle blossoms. I’d pick a flower from the vine, pull the stile out slowly through the bottom of the stem, and slurp up the drop of sweet nectar it released. I did this over and over, losing track of time, gorging myself in nature’s little candy shop. And that’s precisely what bees do in order to make the honey we all love so much. Humans have been harvesting honey from beehives for over 8,000 years. It was...

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Putting Eco in Lunch

PUTTING ECO INTO LUNCH Need a new lunch box for summer? Making lunches can be one of the biggest chores during the school year and throughout the summer. The waste from all of the packaging and disposable plastic bags is incredible. These days many schools  and summer programs are requesting waste free lunches. As we head in to the longer days of fun in the sun  and the adventures of camp, here are some great  eco friendly reusable containers that are sturdy as well as fun. Monster Lunch Box  $18.95 USD Klean Kanteen Water vacuum insulated water bottles  12oz...

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ART STOP Want a fun way to honor the toys the kids have outgrown, lost most of the pieces to? This project is a dynamic family activity that looks great hanging just about anywhere! WHAT YOU NEED: Your band of misfit toys (the more textures the better) An old door or piece of plywood Strong adhesive glue (Liquid Nails, Weldbond). Do not use Gorilla Glue it can expand too much making a mess) Spray paint (we used a flat finish instead of a satin finish to eliminate the reflective glare) DIRECTIONS: Cover your surface by gluing on the items....

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