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Red, White and Blue Smoothie

RED, WHITE & BLUE SMOOTHIES By Talin Urso Smooth(ie) Operator When I make smoothies I like to keep them simple. Usually it’s my fast food breakfast and I need it to help fuel me for quite a few hours. I get a kick out of adding things that I don’t usually eat on their own (spinach, kale, hemp, almond butter etc. ) My toughest critic… my little brother. If I can get him to drink it… I’m on to something. If you’re like me you want your smoothie filling and cold. If you aren’t using frozen berries you will more...

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Choc-O-Coco: A Vegan Spin On A Chocolate Shake

CHOC-O-COCO A VEGAN SPIN ON A CHOCOLATE SHAKE By Talin Urso The Smooth(ie) Operator To be clear, I am not vegan and you don’t need to wear Birkenstocks or do yoga to dig this! Ha… sorry Gram! A mid-day pick up is the best way I can describe Choc-O-Coco. The chocolate gives you a slight caffeine buzz. The almond butter and coconut cream gives you healthy fuel. Using almond milk instead of cows milk makes it easy to digest. On colder days, heat it up and serve like hot chocolate. It’s a perfect one to throw in a thermos hot...

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