Baby got boots to splash, splash, splash
Rosy cheeks and a deep little laugh
Stacking blocks in a hundred ways
Building them up just to hear them crash.

Baby got drawers all open wide
Taking things out to put them back inside
Dishes strewn across the kitchen floor
Nesting shapes to be explored
An empty cupboard for a boy to hide.

Baby got mud all across his face
Rocks in a line make a fine display
Sun is setting over the hills
And the dirt beneath his fingernails
Is all that remains of a perfect day.

Baby in the tub screaming in delight
Devious looks for a water fight
Pajamas and a song and a bottle of milk
A hug and a wave and story to tell
Baby’s tucked in for a sweet good night.


Author: Ellen Reynolds

Born and raised in the corn fields of Illinois, Ellen currently resides in Hope, Maine with her family. She is mama to Forest (almost two years old) and has a new baby boy on the way. Ellen is currently pursuing her graduate degree from Maine Maritime Academy in International Logistics Management, and is otherwise a Stay-at-Home-Mama. Prior to focusing on parenting, Ellen worked as a Commercial Fisheries Biologist aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. She has an undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in Environmental Studies, with a focus in Marine Ecology. View all posts by Ellen Reynolds

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