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When our lashes are not naturally thick or long, we can fake it. Adding lashes can give a more youthful, feminine, or glamazon look. Your choice achieve your look with traditional, temporary false lashes or semi-permanent lash extensions.

The choices are endless with false eyelashes. Try them on and experiment—they’re temporary! When you find your fave, you can clean them after use and reuse. Just soak in oil-free eye makeup remover.

Small scissors

Tweezer or lash applicator.
(Shu Uemura makes a good one.)

Lash glue
Magnifying mirror
Oil-free eye makeup remover

For longer wear, try semi-permanent lash extensions. My favorite method involves attaching the extensions to your natural lashes. When your lash sheds, so will the extension. A full set takes about an hour and half to apply. They will last four to six weeks with touch ups, and you can swim, shower, and sweat in them!

Choose from synthetic, silk, or mink lashes, ranging in size from 6mm to 17mm.


Author: Sheryl Penotti

Sheryl has worked as a professional make up artist for more than 20 years. She has worked with sought after photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Mark Seliger, Glen Luchford and Robert Altman. She keyed shows during NY fashion week and while she began her career in NYC, she now resides and works in LA. Over the last years she has transitioned her work to private clients, after realizing how much she enjoyed the relationships with her clients. Her mission: To empower women. To make them feel special and look beautiful. To share with women the tools and skills that I’ve had the fortune and privilege to learn during my 20 plus years in the fashion and beauty world. View all posts by Sheryl Penotti

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