“The good news is, a brisk walk, run or hike is usually just a doorsteps distance away and can give us the same revival as a workout and sometimes even better!”

We always feel better after we work out. It’s just a fact. The blood gets pumping, the endorphins begin to flow as we sweat out the toxins. We often feel renewed after a good workout and wonder why the heck we don’t do this more often. The trick is making time for the yoga class or gym workout. The good news is, a brisk walk, run or hike is usually just a doorsteps distance away and can give us the same revival as a workout and sometimes even better!

I am a huge fan of a good hike. I am fortunate to live in southern California where the weather allows for a  good hiking climate year round. I have a favorite hiking trail just down the road with a perfect 45 minute loop including a solid incline, enough shade and inspiring views of the San Fernando mountains that can turn the gloomiest mood upside down.  There is something about being out in nature, feeling the sunshine and breeze and moving at a brisk pace that can truly lift the spirits. No matter where you live, a twenty minute or more walk can be just the thing to calm a racing mind or shake us out of a funk.

Many women make hiking a social time by joining up with each other and covering every topic under the sun. Hiking with a friend is a great way to catch up or to form a new friendship. It can also be a meditative form of reflection for yourself. Put in your earbuds and play some emotional or motivational music. Let it be a time to vent frustrations, have a much needed cry or dance along if the music or mood strikes.  Often a hike can be a far more satisfying type of workout than a crowded gym or competitive workout class. The hiking trail doesn’t judge you or cost a thing!


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Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

Libby Hudson Lydecker is a mother of two, a Kundalini Yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, a screenwriter and a Real Mom Daily partner. Libby Serves as the Lifestyle and Wellness Editor for RMD. As Lifestyle and Wellness Editor, Libby brings her wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and holistic life hacks to her articles as well as real world solutions through yoga techniques in her Mindful Mama video series created at RMD. Libby balances her time between her family, teaching Kundalini yoga to women and children, leading women’s yoga retreats in beautiful destinations around the country, writing screenplays and publishing articles for Real Mom Daily. Her ability to balance all of this comes from her strong yoga practice and a stronger sense of humor. Libby relates to Gloria Steinem’s quote, “Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” As well as Yogi Bhajan’s quote, “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Libby believes that Real Mom Daily is a forum for women to communicate consciously with kindness, real life perspectives and humor. RMD provides a supportive space for moms to feel understood and share their experiences. “When women gather together in consciousness, we can change the world.” View all posts by Libby Hudson Lydecker

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