Nowruz (NO-ROOZ) is a Persian word that means “NEW DAY”. It is a centuries old non-religious celebration of the New Year. It starts every year on the first day of spring.

Part of the celebration is to create an alter. Items which are usually included are:

Wheat : Rebirth

Red Apple : Health

Garlic : Medicine

Vinegar : Patience

Sweet Pudding : Affluence

Dried Fruit: Love

Sumac Berries : Sunrise


These items are sometimes included as well:

Lit Candles : Enlightenment/Happiness

Decorated Eggs : Fertility

Bowl of Water with an Orange : Earth in Space

Rose Water: Magical Cleansing Powers

Bowl with a Goldfish :  Transition of Pisces to Aries.

Hyacinth Flower : Spring

Coins : Prosperity/Wealth.

Happy Nowruz!


Author: Fiora Aston

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