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The decision has been made, you’re moving! Here’s your immediate “to-do” list if you’re putting your house on the market.

1 Start packing right away – Hopefully you sell your home soon and you will have to pack your belongings anyway. Do it sooner rather than later.   Your house free of clutter is much easier to sell.

2 If you have very specific, unusual colors in your home, have them painted white. Painting a house is the least expensive way to make the best return of money for the sale of your home.

3 If you have a lot of artwork on the walls, eliminate some of them. The buyers get side tracked by looking at the art and not your home.

4 Don’t have a lot of furniture in the rooms. Less furniture makes the rooms look more spacious and more desirable.

5 If your house is dark, try to lighten it up. Buyers do not like dark rooms. Enhance dark furniture by adding colorful or white pillows.

6 You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your landscaping fresh. Have your gardner clean up your yard. If you have patches of dead grass, plant some seeds, replace dead flowers with colorful nice flowers.  If you live in a condo, fresh flowers do the trick.

7 Make your home smell good. Buyers’ very first impression of your home is at your front door when they walk in. Burning Candles, brewing coffee or baking cookies does the trick.

8 If you have bathrooms with chipped sinks or tubs, the easiest and least expensive way to freshen them up is to have them re- glazed. It really works.

9 I always recommend staging or partial staging. It truly works. It is money well spent and you will get your investment back by selling your home at least 5-10% higher and faster. A good majority of buyers do not have any imagination therefore I recommend staging even for the newly constructed homes.

10 I often recommend a pre-inspection of the home. It is so much better when you know what is wrong with your home. In many cases there may be some small leaks, some mold and such that can be fixed before you market the house. If you decide not to repair the issue, you will disclose the problem to the buyer in advance. Therefore the buyer will not be surprised at the time of the inspection. A pre-inspection is not necessary for condos.

11 Choose an agent you can trust. Make sure the real estate agent you choose has  good chemistry with you. You should feel at ease with him or her.  You will need a lot of hand holding and support in the process. Selling a house is a very emotional process. Know your agent is working very hard to protect your interests.

Author: Fiora Aston

A well respected and a savvy professional of the luxury real estate industry on the Westside, Fiora Aston is admired as a top producer in Los Angeles and continues to excel in her field. In her 25-year career in the business she has been bestowed with several awards for her production and innovation. Fiora holds a Master’s degree in City Planning from British Colombia University and her experience as a city planner for the City of Vancouver provides an immense and decisive value for her clients. In addition, Fiora’s unique approach, skilled marketing, networking and her experience in negotiations are assets of her stellar service. “I have known Fiora for many years and she is a consummate professional,” says Betty Graham, President and Chief Operating officer of Coldwell Residential Brokerage Greater L.A. “She is delightful, helpful, understanding, responsive and she truly cares about her clients’ needs. She also has market knowledge that few can match. We are extremely fortunate to have her in our team”. Her skill and professionalism exceed expectations. “A great deal of my business comes from referrals,” Fiora says. “Many of my clients are involved in the arts and the entertainment industry. I know and recognize their stress levels, their time constraints and their special needs. Above all, I know how to maintain strict confidentiality in all of the transactions.” Giving and helping has always been a goal for Fiora. She has been involved with Westside Children Center, a nonprofit agency supporting under-privileged, vulnerable children and their families in West Los Angeles. She has participated in many charity Triathlons to raise money to help research for a cure for the deadly diseases of Leukemia and Lymphoma. Fiora lives in Pacific Palisades where she immerses herself in outdoor activities. She enjoys life and shares her love of the Southern California lifestyle with her husband and daughter. View all posts by Fiora Aston

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