“We put on weight, our lips crack and our hair starts to look like dried up hay. Not to mention the dark circles under our eyes and general listlessness to our skin and overall demeanor.”

You’re the toad now! Sorry to say it, but without Vitamin B12, we get ugly. We put on weight, our lips crack and our hair starts to look like dried up hay. Not to mention the dark circles under our eyes and general listlessness to our skin and overall demeanor. More importantly, lack of vitamin B12 can have serious consequences to our overall health that happen to show up in our appearance. Vitamin B12 does a lot of important things for our bodies such as helps make your DNA and your red blood cells. But the good news is, if you are experiencing any vitamin B deficiency it is fairly easy to remedy!

There are a few reasons why your body may be lacking vitamin B. A few common reasons are Atrophic gastritis in which the stomach lining has thinned or Pernicious Anemia which means the body has a hard time absorbing vitamin B from foods. A sluggish thyroid otherwise known as hypothyroidism can also be a cause for vitamin B12 deficiency.

Also people who are vegan or vegetarian sometimes can have a vitamin B12 lack since it is found in animal proteins. Also the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency increases with age. Other symptoms include anemia, weakness, heart palpitations and nerve problems such as numbness or tingling. Depression and lethargy can also be signs that your vitamin B12 levels are out of whack. So what to do?

First of all, have a blood test done. Your General Practitioner can give you an overall assessment of your health based on a blood test and see what vitamins you may be lacking.  In most cases, a vitamin B12 deficiency can be treated with simple over the counter supplements bought at any health food store or pharmacy. If your diet is somewhat restricted by a vegan you can eat more fortified grain cereals or for vegetarians eat more yogurt, Swiss cheese and milk.

Vitamin B shots can be given by your doctor and now, many beauty spas and medical clinics are offering vitamin B shots as part of their beauty menu. They even offer specific cocktails of the vitamin B shots to specifically suit your needs. Is it a hangover you want to cure or some stubborn weight you want to rid? There’s a vitamin B shot for that. Check with your doctor before beginning any injections or dietary changes.

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Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

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