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We certainly don’t want our kids to absorb toxins and chemical while they sleep. Many store brand pajamas contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used to grow crops like cotton. It’s important to understand that things like organic cotton and low impact dyes aren’t just catch phrases in sustainable fashion, they are important choices you are making as a consumer and a mom to build a safer and more health conscious environment for your kids as well as for the planet.

As mothers and consumers we cast a vote with where we spend our dollars. It is important to remember this when choosing the products for our family. In supporting companies that are making eco-friendly and sustainable products, especially for our kids, we are making a big statement in the economy on what we want from the vendors. The more we can collectively put our money where our mouths are in terms of sustainable clothing options, the more impact we can have in shifting trends to greener, and healthier products. And what is more intimate, fun and cozy than a soft pair of cotton pajamas as an investment toward eco-consumerism. Many stores offer matching styles for the whole family so the coziness can be shared by all. Go for a seasonal family theme perhaps, a special design for Christmas or just a fun custom designed set that whispers you in scrumptiously soft organic cotton.


Piggy Pajamas – You can have your own organic cotton dressed mini me in matching jammy styles for moms and kids.

Garnet Hill  – offers personalized pajamas in a variety of colors for little girls who want to sleep in an organic cotton tank and pajama bottom combination complete with their name and custom logo choice.

For cuteness and comfort every night, Hanna Anderson is the ultimate on-line store for dressing the whole family in matching organic pajamas. Their colorful stripes and patterns are great for every

Mega store Target  – is even on board with Organic cotton pajama sets for girls and boys at

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