My daughter and I recently took a day off and went to Disneyland together on a school day. My husband was away on business, and my son was on a school field trip. We put the dog in a doggie daycare and hit the road to Anaheim to have a mom and daughter adventure. It felt a little naughty and exciting for both of us to break from our schedules and routine and do something so unapologetically fun for the day.

We didn’t go to a museum (not that that wouldn’t be nice), but there was no pretense of this as a learning experience. It was just meant to be fun. I find too much of my interaction with the kids turns into my being the drill instructor ordering and ushering them out of bed, into the car, off to school. So it was refreshing to be able to take our time and have a leisurely day, just for us, outside of obligations and time schedules.

It is important if you do plan a day like this that you do it one kid at a time. It is a luxury to get to have one on one time with your children. You can relate to them more as an individual person and less as the child/parent relationship dynamic. Also, your attention is not divided between the children. They will not compete for your energy, and there will be no arguments to break up. Make sure each child knows they will get a turn, so to assuage any jealousy.

We really got to enjoy each other’s company as friends outside of our traditional roles. I got to be silly mommy who will say yes to another turn on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I got to have a day just being a kid too. I hope my daughter got a chance to see a different side of me that I don’t always get to show. Even if I have to revert back to be the morning drill instructor, I know we shared a day she will always remember.



Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

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