“Given that Food Stamps don’t cover diapers, sometimes moms in need must make hard choices about prioritizing food over sanitary goods. ”


Jennifer Garner’s philanthropy work may even surpass her success as a hugely successful actress. The forty four year old  mother of three is so dedicated to her charity work in helping mothers and children that she sets the bar high even for the most generous of celebrity do-gooders. Garner who is known for her sweet beauty and gentle persona on screen in movies such as 13 going on 30, Catch Me if You Can and Dallas Buyers Club, is every bit the kind and lovely human being she appears as on screen by being a tireless activist for moms and kids.

Jennifer serves on the Board of Trustees for Save the Children with the powerful goal of making poverty history, is an activist for the organization Early Steps to School Success which advocates early education by encouraging parents to talk, sing, play and read to babies. She has recently collaborated with Huggies diapers and the organization  Baby2Baby to raise awareness about the problem of diaper needs for low income mothers. Given that Food Stamps don’t cover diapers, sometimes moms in need must make hard choices about prioritizing food over sanitary goods. They have collaborated with the National Diaper Bank Network by providing 2.5 million diapers and 5 million packs of wipes to families in need.

Jennifer was awarded a medal of appreciation from the Stakey Hearing Foundation  for her leadership and work with deaf children. She visited the flood victims in her home town of West Virginia helping to bring media attention and necessary aid to the damaged region. Jen has also been a vocal advocate of the bill Universal Pre-K, an important piece of legislature which helps keeps various educational programs funded that  are under threat of being cut by the current administration.

Ms. Garner embodies the phrase “Think Globally, act locally,” by participating in a 3 mile marathon in her hometown of Brentwood this past February to support a local LA charity called Upward Bound which helps families who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. When asked about her considerable charitable efforts she says that the motivation is very personal in that she wants to be an example to her kids that you can be strong and kind at the same time. We applaud her for setting that example for us all.

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Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

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