The balancing act of being a working mom, can be quite tricky. At Real Mom Daily we’re sitting down with mamas around the world to capture a glimpse of how they walk their daily tight-rope and still keeping it together…mostly.


Name: Nicole Block

First names & ages of kiddos: Trey (12), Taylor (9)

From: Los Angeles, CA USA

Occupation: Assistant Professor, Moorpark College, Film-Television-Media program

Occupation description: Instructor for mass communication and filmmaking classes.

Education: Bachelor’s degree – UC San Diego, Master’s Degree – Cal State Fullerton, Plus 15 years industry experience producing non-fiction television. Nicole is passionate about mentoring and teaching the next generation of film and television professionals and is a member of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.


1 How do you balance WORK & being a mom? It is hard! Working Dad helps out a lot! We split everything 50-50! We rely on Google Calendar!
2 How do you balance SELF CARE and being a mom?  This is my biggest challenge. Between work and kids activities this is my lowest priority. My doctor says this is typical of all moms and I need to make exercising a priority. I haven’t figured that out yet.
3 How do you balance RELATIONSHIPS/ROMANCE and being a mom? We spend a lot of leisure time with other parents and their kids that we’ve met through school, AYSO, and other kids’ activities….and drink a lot of wine. Grandma and Papa take the kids about two weekends a year to give us alone time.

4 Your mom struggles and or issues: My kids take their privileged lives for granted. I don’t know how to get  them to understand how exceptional their lives are.

5 Sh%tty Moment: (A particular parenting moment that you wish you had handled differently.) ooohh…i have to think about that one.

6 Your mom tips:  Google calendar. Google calendar. oh and yeah, Google calendar.

7 Unicorn Moment: (A particular parenting moment for which you keep patting yourself on the back.) I am encouraging my daughter to ask for donations for a non-profit for her bday instead of gifts. She doesn’t need gifts. She decided on Tree People. We will see how that goes. Her birthday party is this weekend.


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Author: Dani Corbett

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