Why I Observe Passover

By Debra Lewin

“ Many people worldwide  (non-Jews and Jews alike) are being persecuted today!”

I’m not religious. I grew up in an observant Jewish family, but carry on traditions more for a tie to my heritage than for religious reasons. I don’t keep Kosher, I drive on the Sabbath and basically, I am living a secular lifestyle.

But Passover, I observe. Why? I’ll tell you.

Many of the Jewish holidays celebrate a common theme,

1. They tried to kill us (the Jewish People).
2. They didn’t succeed.
3. Let’s celebrate.

With Passover, the theme is basically the same. We were slaves in Egypt, we escaped and we survived.
When I eat Matzoh for the 8 days of Passover, it reminds me that although the Jewish People survived the Egyptian slavery and the Holocaust, many individuals did NOT.

And, MANY PEOPLE WORLDWIDE (non-Jews and Jews alike) ARE BEING PERSECUTED TODAY! Today- in 2017, thousands of years after the exodus from Egypt.
So… I eat Matzoh, and it reminds me…to do something NOW. To fight to stop persecution NOW. To be involved NOW. To talk to my kids NOW. To not sit back and let others be enslaved, be persecuted, or be subject to a life of cruelty and impoverishment. This is 2017, there is enough food for everyone and all humans deserve equal treatment.
That is why I observe Passover.
So, join me, do something to help people NOW.


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