Public School or Private School

Public school or private school, which one is best? If your children are going to private school are they really getting a better education? Did you move into a neighborhood just because of it’s good public schools? What happens if your child has a different learning style- should they be in a school that can accommodate that style or is it part of the learning process to for them to learn how to figure it out? Follow our resident Mom on the Street, Nicole Blaine as she funds the pavement to ask parents questions.


Author: Nicole Blaine

Nicole Blaine has been a regular contributing writer to Real Mom Daily since its inception! Nicole and her producing and life partner, Mickey Blaine, executive produced the HBO comedy special, Quincy Jones: Burning the Light, and produce the hit show, Virgin Sacrifice, at the Westside Comedy Theater. As a stand-up comic, Nicole has been seen on NBC’s Today Show, E’s That Morning Show, The International FringeNYC Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the Women in Comedy Festival. Nicole Blaine is (according to LA Weekly) “a remarkable performer with brains, beauty and rich comic delivery.” Nicole lives in Santa Monica with her husband and two kids. They all suck so she has great material. Her honest (and crass) observations showcase her (according to Backstage West) “humor, passion, dazzling charm and a naturalness that many performers, or even civilians, would kill for.” View all posts by Nicole Blaine

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