“Sheryl Sandberg is helping to redefine the roles of women as one of America’s top executives, a mother to her two children and a revolutionary voice for women all over the world.”

Sheryl Sandberg A.K.A. mom extraordinaire! She is a powerhouse of a woman who has become the voice of a generation of women opting to ”Lean In” (as in the title of her acclaimed bestselling book) to their leadership skills. Sandberg encourages women to question the internalization of gender stereotypes as well as railing against the externalization of stereotypes herself by becoming one of the most influential and powerful business women in the world. As a mother of two, Sandberg is the embodiment of a super woman as the current COO of Facebook and a signer of The Giving Pledge in which the world’s wealthiest commit to donating over half their net worth over their lifetime.

After graduating from Harvard with a degree in Economics, Sandberg worked under Larry Summers in the Department of the Treasury under President Clinton as his Chief of Staff. She moved on to Google where she held an executive position and worked as a charitable innovator by focusing on issues such as climate change and global poverty at Google.org.

As the COO at Facebook, she has focused on making the people’s organ donor status more prominently featured. She is committed to shining light on the importance of this act of service to save more lives. After the sudden death of her husband, she has recently donated 880,000 shares of Facebook stock (about 100 million dollars worth) to a Donor Advised Fund that is controlled by Fidelity but gives her the chance to steer where the money will be allocated.

Sandberg has renamed her foundation in honor of her late husband, David Goldberg and has focused her financial giving on programs to help people cope with loss and hardship such as Option B.org. In keeping with her status as a leadership pioneer, Sandberg has created women empowerment groups such as The Lean In Foundation after her bestselling book. She is focused on combating global hunger by giving funding to Second Harvest Food bank, a certified member of Feeding America, based in Silicon Valley with a mission of creating a network of foodbanks across America.

Sheryl Sandberg is helping to redefine the roles of women as one of America’s top executives, a mother to her two children and a revolutionary voice for women all over the world. We at RMD thank her for being living proof of what is possible for us and our daughters as we all lean into a broader ideology of women as exemplary leaders one woman at a time.


Author: Libby Hudson Lydecker

Libby Hudson Lydecker is a mother of two, a Kundalini Yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, a screenwriter and a Real Mom Daily partner. Libby Serves as the Lifestyle and Wellness Editor for RMD. As Lifestyle and Wellness Editor, Libby brings her wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and holistic life hacks to her articles as well as real world solutions through yoga techniques in her Mindful Mama video series created at RMD. Libby balances her time between her family, teaching Kundalini yoga to women and children, leading women’s yoga retreats in beautiful destinations around the country, writing screenplays and publishing articles for Real Mom Daily. Her ability to balance all of this comes from her strong yoga practice and a stronger sense of humor. Libby relates to Gloria Steinem’s quote, “Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” As well as Yogi Bhajan’s quote, “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Libby believes that Real Mom Daily is a forum for women to communicate consciously with kindness, real life perspectives and humor. RMD provides a supportive space for moms to feel understood and share their experiences. “When women gather together in consciousness, we can change the world.” View all posts by Libby Hudson Lydecker

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