organic-coconutoil-whole-14oz_2Coconuts! We’ve all heard the growing list of the potential health benefits of coconut oil: an aid to fight Alzheimers and cancer, to help with digestion, etc. All exciting possibilities! Coconut oil is inexpensive, natural, and readily available.

But are you aware of the many beauty benefits of coconut oil? And if you are … well, it bears repeating.

Conditioning mask for hair. Warm your jar of oil either in the shower or place in a sink or pot of warm water. After shampoo, towel dry and then spread a generous amount of oil through your hair, concentrating on the ends and working up to scalp. Tie your hair up and leave in for at least 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Soft and shiny!

Make-up remover. Slather oil over face to remove all make-up, and wipe off with a warm, wet washcloth. Removes eye make-up, too. Make your own travel pads: Warm coconut oil and soak cotton pads in oil, one teaspoon per pad. Ta-dah: TSA-approved make-up remover!

Shaving. Replace chemical-packed shaving cream with coconut oil to shave your legs and underarms. After you apply the oil to skin make sure you wash your hands; oily hands holding a razor can by tricky and unsafe. You will get a very close shave and your skin will be moisturized, too—double duty!

Under-eye cream. Warm a small amount of coconut oil and pat it under your eyes at night.

Highlighter. Blend a very small amount into cheekbones, under eyebrows, and around lips. This also works really well even if you don’t wear any make-up but just want to add some sheen to skin. Careful with how much you use—too much can make skin look slick and greasy. Nature’s highlighter!

Exfoliate. Make your own body scrub. Combine half a cup of warmed coconut oil with half a cup of sugar. Add lavender oil, or any fave essential oil that won’t cause irritation, as some can. This makes a great homemade holiday gift.


Author: Sheryl Penotti

Sheryl has worked as a professional make up artist for more than 20 years. She has worked with sought after photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Mark Seliger, Glen Luchford and Robert Altman. She keyed shows during NY fashion week and while she began her career in NYC, she now resides and works in LA. Over the last years she has transitioned her work to private clients, after realizing how much she enjoyed the relationships with her clients. Her mission: To empower women. To make them feel special and look beautiful. To share with women the tools and skills that I’ve had the fortune and privilege to learn during my 20 plus years in the fashion and beauty world. View all posts by Sheryl Penotti

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