fur baby

Photos by: Libby Hudson Lydecker

As moms, our kids get older and gain more independence, and we may find ourselves in need of an object of our love and affection but are not in a position of wanting to start all over again. Here are some reasons why it may be time for a Fur Baby.

1. You miss feeling appreciated. Nowadays, your kids grunt in your general direction whilst ensconced in a Disney show or cannot come up to dinner because they’re at a 15 kill streak in an Attack on Titan video game. A puppy, however, almost falls over itself when you walk in the room, will smother you with soft puppy licks, and shake its butt with gleeful wiggles.

2. You are getting too much sleep. Yawn. There is far less crying in the middle of the night or bed hopping to contend with. Fear not! A puppy needs lots of nocturnal care and frequent early morning potty breaks where you can feel like your bleary eyed old self as you stand waiting in the yard in your bathrobe.

3. There’s not enough poop in your life. If you miss the endless streams of dirty diapers and the feelings of saintliness that come with the thankless caretaking of another helpless creature, well good news! A puppy poops almost constantly.

4. Your kids are bigger, and you want a baby. No. No, you don’t. You just miss the warm, maternal loving feelings of a precious little thing to adore. Guess what? Puppies are soft and snuggly, and their breath smells like sweet clover and warm misty sunshine. Without all of that pregnancy weight.

5. Puppies don’t judge. Your well-meaning husband might remark on the fact that this is the 5th evening in a row that you have worn that fetching pajama bottom, ratty t-shirt, hair knot ensemble. Well, too bad, because a puppy thinks you are God’s gift and will actually go to sleep on top of your dirty sneakers when you are nowhere to be found.

6. You’re lonely riding around in your car. A puppy is portable and, coaxed with some simple puppy snacks, can make a great travel companion. The kids car seats might be gone, but you now have an audience for your fantastic freeway Adele sing-alongs. There’s a video that’s gone viral of a dog howling along with its owners to Josh Groban. We’ll get there. #squadgoals.

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