we are all trying to be goodly

We are all trying to be goodly

We walk the aisles, peruse the counters, and surf the Web on the hunt for safer, cleaner, greener, eco products. And we want to try it all. But let’s be honest—this leads to drawers and shelves full of ineffective, unwanted, and flavorless stuff, for which we’ve wasted a lot of money.

What is a consumer with a conscience to do when there is so much information and so many concepts from which to choose?

Enter Love Goodly, founded by two mamas who saw a need to help us all understand what is available out there.

They’ve created a curated subscription service, sending consumers boxes that contain four to six full-size products, ranging from beauty and skincare products to home accessories to healthy snacks. The value of each box is more than twice your cost (which varies, depending on which subscription you choose).

Their selections are categorized by sustainability and eco-friendly standards, among other things (vegan, GMO-free, pesticide-free, etc.). Their user-friendly website also provides lots of great information, including a glossary of banned ingredients. Subscriptions are offered in three different options. And if you really love the items you’ve received in your box, you can shop for them individually on the website.


Author: Sheryl Penotti

Sheryl has worked as a professional make up artist for more than 20 years. She has worked with sought after photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Mark Seliger, Glen Luchford and Robert Altman. She keyed shows during NY fashion week and while she began her career in NYC, she now resides and works in LA. Over the last years she has transitioned her work to private clients, after realizing how much she enjoyed the relationships with her clients. Her mission: To empower women. To make them feel special and look beautiful. To share with women the tools and skills that I’ve had the fortune and privilege to learn during my 20 plus years in the fashion and beauty world. View all posts by Sheryl Penotti

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