Many blew a kiss to 2018 and don’t plan to look back! The good news is we get to clear the slate every year and begin again collectively and individually. As moms we know the importance of time management and prioritizing. Now it is time to take a few minutes to think through what matters to YOU and your family and perhaps set some resolutions.

1. Make your family travel wish list.

Think about where you might like to visit this year. Even if it’s just a drive to the museum or a trip to the local farm, it’s wonderful to start the year off with things to look forward to.

2.Prioritize your own well being.

It is important as moms to look after ourselves. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. When we are feeling low, from poor health or from depression, the whole family cannot thrive. Make a list of 10 things that fill you up, bring you happiness, or give you peace and make them a priority for this year.

3. Set clear boundaries.

Becoming a mom is a powerful boundary setter in that suddenly things, people or situations that were at one time tolerable, suddenly become completely unacceptable once our children’s welfare is involved. But let’s extend that toxin clearing to our own inner circles. Maybe there is a frenemy that you’ve kept around for too long? Let go of the things that no longer serve you.

4. Learn some new recipes.

We all get stuck in the what to make for dinner rut. Go on Pinterest and get inspired. Create that folder full of new and realistic dinner ideas, even print them out for easy access for shopping and start the year off with healthy, interesting new meals. Your family will be thrilled.

5. Declutter.

One of the most common resolutions is to get rid of the old. But it truly is important to be able to let go to invite in the new. Make space in your closet, cabinets and drawers of the junk that we don’t use and just takes up space. Sell, donate or give away the clutter in your house and you will symbolically feel lighter and more at peace.

6. Set a special secret resolution.

One that is just for you that you don’t have to announce or share with anyone. A secret hearts desire. Maybe you write it down, maybe you don’t. Let it be something that thrills you or even scares you a little. Be specific. Be daring.

7. Be ahead of the game.

Buy kids gifts for birthday parties in your kids ages in advance so that you have a stockpile when the inevitable weekend events come, you don’t have to do the last minute dash to the store. Simple sanity savers can make a huge difference.

8. Be your own best critic and best admirer.

Before we start focusing on what’s wrong with ourselves, for novelty, lets start off with a focus on what’s right. Write 10 things you have learned, created, flew by the seat of your pants and did. Take a moment to acknowledge it and celebrate it. Let’s recognize all that is great about ourselves first before we look at what we could do better. It creates a more positive mindset and reminds us that we can do it.

9. Read something new.

Nothing opens our mind the way a good book can. Go outside your comfort zone this year. Try a book that is perhaps a bit out of your wheelhouse. Read articles about things beyond your own interests. Challenge your self to read an article by someone with an opposing political view. Involve your kids, when age appropriate to talk about world events and share thoughts. Expand your mind and expand your world!

10.Be honest with yourself.

Are you too hard on yourself? Or do you let yourself slack off too much? Let yourself off the hook this year if you are prone to self flagellation. Make this the year you say no for once to volunteering for everything. Or conversely, give yourself a chance to step up and be accountable and find out what you are capable of. Help out with the fund raiser, say yes to coffee with the new friend or try that Cross fit class to see what you’re made of.

11. Make a goal with each kid. What can we do together this year?

Give your children a chance to set goals too. Make it something fun, like hitting the local farmers market together, or face timing the grandparents every Sunday night. Resolve to do something fun and meaningful together that you can stick to.

Happy New Year to us all and may we stay strong, be bold, share happiness and kick ass in 2019!!

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