As moms, as women, and as consumers in the modern world, we are constantly being instructed by magazines and media on how to stay young, keep thin, and look chic. Just because we don’t have to get dressed for an office environment everyday, does not mean we have to give up on liking what we have on. We at RMD, approach fashion advice from a different angle: When you feel good, you look good. When putting ourselves together in the limited time that motherhood allows, here are some philosophical approaches to navigating your fashion choices to feel good and make each day great.

  1. Sweatpants are not the enemy. I know this flies in the face of the “fake it until you make it” approach to getting your pre-baby body back. But there are times when a cute pair of sweats, a favorite striped tee, and a jean jacket topped with a flattering hat can be the perfect chic and comfortable disguise for  running errands. Your comfort and mobility, whilst negotiating kids into car seats or running forgotten school lunches up to elementary school, can still be practical and stylish.


  1. High heels are instruments of the devil. There are few instances where I see moms teetering around kids in stilettos on purpose. Anyone with a toddler knows that this is just creating an unnecessarily high degree of difficulty to an almost already impossible game. We need to be agile, quick on our feet, and ready for anything. Invest in cute ballet slippers, chic sneakers, and shoes that you can keep chase in if you’ve got a runner. If you must wear heels to an event with your kids, always carry a backup  pair of flats in your bag.


  1. Bring a spare for yourself. When toting our kids around, we become accustomed to carrying half of what we own with us whenever we leave the house. We manage to bring a back up onesie for them, but neglect an extra t-shirt for ourselves for when the coffee cup gets bumped, baby spits up, or spaghetti gets flung. Bring a spare, so you don’t spend the day feeling a mess.


  1. Throw on a blazer. It’s an easy trick to make a t-shirt and jeans feel polished. A well cut blazer looks chic over almost anything and is a closet staple that changes your energy from a day at the park to a chic lunch meeting with friends or colleagues in an instant.


  1. Twist on a lightweight chic scarf. Invest in a featherweight, but ample, scarf to add style to any outfit. They are necessities for planes, can double as a nice wrap in the evenings, and always make an outfit feel complete. Choose a color that you love, a weave that works for most seasons, and wear it everywhere.


Give yourself a break by prioritizing your comfort, your practically, and your self esteem. Wear what you love and make it a great day, every day!

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