New mothers looking to get back to the gym for body fitness need to showcase patience. Your body fitness changed in 9 months and it could take the same time or even more to get back into your pre-pregnancy shape. Irrespective, if you had a normal labor or a C-section, your body fitness just went through a huge transformation and requires time to get back to normal.

Although you would have to wait to receive the green signal from your doctor before you begin your weight loss journey. However, you can mentally prepare yourself to ease into a fitness routine after the baby. Just follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll soon be back in shape.

1. Don’t hurry into the workout plan

If you get too hard on yourself from the start, you will feel the passion and stamina declining quickly, which will eventually derail your fitness plans. That also does not mean isolating yourself in the house. A 20-minute walk thrice a week is a healthy way to kick start your routine. If you feel your body is adjusting to the changes and nothing aches, you can slowly increase the duration of the walk.

2. Listen to Your Body

Once you get familiar with your routine, do not avoid signals your body is trying to give you. Sometimes women believe minor cramps are harmless until their body stops moving. If your muscles and joints ache, it means that the body fitness needs more time to heal. So take things slowly.

3. Relax, if breastfeeding

If breastfeeding after childbirth, we suggest completely letting go of the idea of working out for the next few weeks, until your milk supply has settled. Some weight will automatically leave your body as your body let goes of the fluids it required during pregnancy. The rest will eventually wear off in the next few months when you become more active with the baby and the workout routine. What most mother’s don’t know is that your body fitness requires more calories than it needed during pregnancy, so forget about losing weight for the next few weeks.

4. Go easy on your pelvic floor

For all the obvious reason your pelvic floor will become weak after childbirth. Putting extra abdominal pressure through exercises like crunches, plunges, or push-ups can lead to more risky situations. Many new mothers report to the hospitals experiencing organ prolapse or severe pain in the muscles due to excessive exercise immediately after labor. One of the simplest workouts you can follow after childbirth is a kevel routine. It’s easy and helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and recovering body fitness.

5. Fix diastasis (abdominal seperation)

After childbirth is becoming common for women to experience detachment in their abdomen muscles also known as, diastasis. Your doctor can give you a clear signal when you visit the clinic back after labor. If by any chance the muscles get lose, you would require physical therapy to help the muscles back in their place. So be careful when diving into severe abdominal exercises, you don’t want your muscles to act on you and become more painful.

Additional Tips:

Don’t ignore your unstable joints

The hormone, Relaxin in charge of softening your joints and tendons during pregnancy and labor can stay in your body up to six months after childbirth. This situation leads to brittle bones and a loose pelvis. So before you choose your workout exercises, be mindful about your weak bones and vulnerable health for the next six months.

You can try a variety of techniques to get back on the form

To get back in shape  you don’t have to join the gym. However, you can keep yourself busy doing cardio at home or 20 minutes’ walk daily will keep you on the track. If at some point you realize the stubborn fat is not leaving you anytime soon, you can look into the recently introduced CoolSculpting technique that helpful for toning the problem areas. Abdomen and thighs are particular areas most women like to get back in the shape. But it’s important to know, that these techniques don’t just work alone. A good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are mandatory to maintain a healthy body.

Rest Well!With love from

As a new mom, you must be used to hearing the old saying all the time, “get some rest while your baby is asleep” yet few new moms follow these words of wisdom. Just a few moments before the post-workout session can help you relax a lot. If you’re naturally feeling refreshed and relaxed, you will be more focused on your weight loss goal.


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