Image taken from the Highline NYC by Fré Sonneveld

Relationship in trouble? Has it been months, years, decades, since you’ve felt those butterflies? Maybe it’s the usual: kids, work, money, dog poop to pick up, whose turn is it to fold the cat’s raincoat … or maybe it’s something more. Something that requires some couch time with a therapist. But before you go that route, here are seven ways to make a go of it again. (And you might just have some fun in the process.)

1 Get naked again. No saggy underwear, no ripped T-shirt. Buck naked, preferably oiled up, too.

2 Admit you were wrong, even just once a week. Wanna be right, or happy?

Buy your partner the biggest, corniest heart-shaped box of chocolates you can find, especially if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Buy your partner some soft porn—whatever that means to the two of you, and whatever is in your personal comfort zone (ranging from a toy to girlie mag from the ‘80s to some modest yet pleasing lingerie!).

5 Sit down, look your partner straight in the eye, and tell him or her you are sorry for something. Anything. Could be something that happened eons ago. But it should be something that has been nagging at you—something that will do you both good to get out in the open.

Not being a fan of water parks myself, I can’t believe I am going to say this, but … get yourselves to a water park. Or a merry-go-round. Or trapeze school. Something goofy and physical and slightly embarrassing. Come home exhausted and giggling … and more connected.

Take a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Call in sick together and have the most decadent, lazy, sexy, romantic, delicious day in bed together. Only rule is that the person who stays in bed the most wins. 

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