We are in a world of information overload and it’s  just too much sometimes. Have you ever just had to turn it off? The TV news, talking heads, the repetition of the same 5 songs at any time on the radio, everybody attacking one another on the twitter feed, and the barrage of facebook stories and articles all become too much information. We are victims to it in a kind of codependent, complacency and before we know it, we feel stressed out, over stimulated and unhappy.

Here are 5 tips for keeping it simple to keep yourself sane.


Choose what you take in. Yes, we can control our environments and the choices of what we allow in our subconscious by being aware of what we are choosing to look at and participate in. Not feeling like you can hear that same radio song for the 127th time? Turn that crap off. You control what goes on around you. Build your surroundings to your liking.


Limit your time on Social media. We know it’s not healthy for our kids, so why would it be healthy for us? It can be a rabbit hole of voyeurism out there that usually leaves us feeling kind of depleted and bummed out. Research shows people often feel more depressed after admiring the glossy, edited versions of other people’s greener Instagram pastures. Don’t fall prey to the heavily edited PR campaigns of others.


No news before bed. Ever. And God forbid, no local news. We all want to stay informed and know what is going on in the world, but often what the news focuses on are the headline grabbers and the fear based stories that keep people tuned in. As a mom, we must honor our sensitivity and if we took in all the horror stories in the world, we might feel like we can’t get out of bed. Give yourself some peace of mind. Stick to things that are on the lighter side, right before bed to ensure a better night’s rest.


Be aware of what you choose for entertainment. Are you junking out on gossip rags at the nail salon? What about bringing a good book instead? Are you snickering watching some real housewife of somewhere throw a drink in some other housewife’s face? Maybe take in a fabulous netflix series? Or watch a documentary? Junk entertainment like junk food may feel fun in the moment, but usually it’s kind of based on negativity. After all, we become what we give our attention to.


Trust that what you need to know will come to you when you need to know it. Let go of the incessant search on the news feed of the obsessive 24 hour news channels and social media feeds and just be. When it becomes overwhelming, honor yourself and your family and take a break. Amazingly, it will all keep going whether you engage with it or not.


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