McKenzie Satterthwaite founded Real Mom Daily to validate and address how difficult it can be managing modern motherhood. At Real Mom Daily, we “get” mom because we are moms. We’re a platform for all of us to encourage, help inspire and motivate each other to build a better life for ourselves, because we know when we do this, we’ll turn around and make a better life for those around us.

We believe in the importance of giving women a space to tell their stories, voice their opinions and share their experiences.

We are united by motherhood, exploring issues that impact our families, our personal growth, and our future. Want to write for us? Do you have a company we should know more about? We are here to connect with you, brands and other organizations that cling tight to those ideals.

We are all about the power of mom! We’re not perfect, we are real and with that imperfection, we are here to inspire moms to build a better life and a better world.

Meet our founding partners

Jeanne Maxwell


Melissa Rosenstock

Health and Wellness

Libby Hudson Lydecker


Shelby Stockton


And friends who keep us sane!

Ali Dubin

Family Counselor

Nicole Blaine

Comedy Chieftian

Real Mom Daily, LLC

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