As the holiday season shifts our direction, the way we style and care for our hair needs to follow suit. While the cool, dryer temperatures tend to force our tresses to behave, it can also wreak havoc on hair’s condition, making it feel more brittle and susceptible to tangling. Not to mention the itchy agony of scalp dryness. So as we move our focus from highlighted, sundrenched summer locks, we can have a little fun with glamourous texture, glitzy hair accessories, and some luxury hair pampering! Before we get into the world of hair accessories we have to start with the basics. Rediscovering your hair, getting that old thing back, redefining its groove! And entering the winter.

A hair-color refresh is a sure way to feel brand new. Now, I’m not talking about a total color switch-up; that’s too much maintenance for this busy time of year. Simply ask your stylist for a demi permanent rinse in a slightly more rich, darker tone than your usual shade. We stylists love this service because it adds more shine and depth with zero ammonia. Easy, healthy, and low-maintenance! And here’s how to stay looking that way …

Ever heard of essential oils? They have been around forever but are making a comeback in a big way. Holistic aromatherapeutic hot-oil treatments are another reason to love this time of year. While some salons offer these treatments as a service, you can treat yourself in the convenience of your own home once a week with three easy steps.

“Ever heard of essential oils? They have been around forever but are making a comeback in a big way.”

To get started, choose a carrier oil such as coconut (for finer hair textures or itchy scalp conditions) or olive oil (for courser hair textures). I prefer these two oils for their super-light molecular weight and thin viscosity, which make for an easy penetration into the hair shaft. Next, add a few drops of your essential oil of choice to the carrier oil. To ensure the full benefit, always select pure organic essential oils free of synthetic added fillers. Peppermint oil helps to regulate oily hair, rosemary or tea tree are beneficial for itchy, flaky scalps while promoting new hair growth, and lavender is a great all-around essential oil for all hair types offering a calming aroma for relaxation. You can even get creative and do some researching of your own. There are so many essential oil options on the market.

After a treatment time of 10-15 minutes of sitting under a hot towel, shampoo the oil elixir out of the hair. You’ll want to wash the hair twice with a sulfate-free shampoo to ensure all traces of oil residue are gone without stripping the hair. And to keep the long-lasting effects of your hot oil luxury experience, you’ll want to seal the deal with a hair mask, depending on your hair type. I prefer Omega 9 conditioning mask by Rahua, NouNou nourishing mask by the Italian brand Davines, or Alterna’s Bamboo Kendi Intense Moisture smoothing masque. All of these products are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner with certified organic and or natural ingredients so we can all feel awesome about our amazingly soft, beautiful hair!

Who doesn’t love holiday decor? This is the time of year when we get to wear it! This season the options are endless, and the trend is silver minimalist. Anything from reflective mirror, like vintage clips and combs, to white gold toned sparkly headbands to skinny platinum ribbons showcase an elegant festive flair. Lost on how to implement these holiday accents to your brand-new shimmering do? Playing up the texture with soft, ironed waves and loose braids delivers an excellent canvas to easily get creative with hair adornments. whether the occasion is formal or casual. Tis the season to get gorgeous by ditching the rules, having fun, and pushing those artistic boundaries!

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