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“Whatever space you have in your home, there is always a way to carve out a little niche for yourself.”


As moms, it is so important to have a designated sacred space. A little nook that is specifically created for us by us to sit and reflect. Your space may be a special chair with a table that has flowers and a journal for writing. If you’re lucky you may get to designate a whole room to have for your privacy. It can be as elaborate as a whole room or as simple as a corner of a room. Designating an altar by creating a space for some special objects, a candle and room for a yoga mat, can transform the smallest space into a sacred space. Like creating a childhood fort, we understand in our DNA, the importance of creating a place of our own.  My teacher  once designated a closet for herself and made it her sacred hideaway for meditation and reflection. She said, “When I was in there and the door was closed my family knew not to bother me!”

Whatever space you have in your home, there is always a way to carve out a little niche for yourself. I am a big believer in if you build it, you will use it. I love the ritual of creating an altar space and have always made one for as long as I can remember no matter if I was in a studio apartment or a home. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, the most important thing is that it’s personal and you love it.

In creating an altar, find an area that you could put a small bench or table with enough room for a yoga mat and a blanket or pillow. You can even turn over a box and cover it with fabric. It helps if it’s not too high so that the objects are eye level from where you sit on your cushion or mat. Make it cozy and comfortable so that it is somewhere you will want to sit and can be fairly private. Cover the table in a beautiful fabric or a piece of silk sari. Place objects on your altar such as some crystals you love, a candle, a found feather or statues. Photos of loved ones are also an important part of creating a sacred space. When we sit down to be mindful and to engage in meditation and prayer, it is comforting to have those faces of the people so close to our hearts.

I created an altar space directly next to my bed under the window. I took a low chest and covered it with fabric, and set out objects. I have two himalayan salt lamps with lights that create a soft glow for early morning meditation. I love having the convenience of it when I roll out of bed right onto my yoga mat for stretching and yoga. I always have a favorite scented candle, various collected treasures and often fresh flowers to make it feel special.

The most important part of creating an altar space is that it is personal to you. In creating this space you are designating value to the importance of your own personal ritual. In establishing a space to relax and meditate you are therefore, much more likely to take the time for your self. Keep a journal on your altar to jot down thoughts or reflections. Be creative with how you decorate and adorn it. Place shells, beads and seaglass. Change it up with new fabrics and kids notes and artwork.  It can be as spiritual, whimsical, silly or formal as you like. Just make it your own!  Make a priority of your own time to relax and unwind and make sure that it is understood that this designated space is off limits for kiddos, dogs and partners. Mom’s sacred space is like her own treehouse fort of solitude and comes with that same warning of all good forts, Keep Out.

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