Real moms archer pose

Archer Pose, AKA Warrior Pose is one of my favorite exercises to teach because it involves a conscious process of clearing out the negative and drawing in the positive. It is an exercise of empowerment that invites women to tap into their own foundation of strength while simultaneously drawing upon their own resources of elimination and manifestation. It is the ultimate energetic reboot to claim ownership over one’s own circumstances by getting truly grounded, stable and powerful in our bodies. And what better way than to access our own empowerment than by striking a stance worthy of Wonder Woman with a bow and arrow?

When we stand firmly and strongly with our feet planted in warrior stance,we evoke the grounding energy of stability. It is this foundation that we may draw upon the earth’s energetic field and anchor our own chakra system to empower the stance of the drawn bow and arrow. While traditionally it is a pose of warfare, as a yoga pose, it is an energetic opportunity for  blasting through chaos and obstacles in our subconscious mind and then drawing in blessings, support and alignment.

When practicing this pose, you cannot help but feel powerful and unafraid. Every woman can access an inner power they may have never experienced before, or perhaps have forgotten in themselves. We can feel the alignment with the goddess Bhagwati who is depicted with eight arms riding a tiger. Four arms offer gifts of blessing, four arms holding objects of defense. No force in nature is more powerful than a mother defending her young and this pose gives us moms the opportunity to truly revel in the sacred gift of a woman experiencing the depth of her own beauty, radiance and grace.

  1. Stand firmly with right leg forward, supporting the weight of the body with knee bent and stretch left leg straight out behind planting foot firmly.

  2. The right arm extends out in front as if holding a bow with the fingers tucked in but the thumb pointed straight up. The eyes are fixed like a laser beam on the thumbnail.

  3. The left arm is pulled back as if pulling and arrow back.

  4. Feel the stretch across the chest and lean into the front leg.

  5. Focus your energy on clearing out all obstacles in your path. When you release the imaginary arrow, you will literally eliminate any obstructions holding you back.

  6. After two minutes, release your arrow and switch sides

  7. Now do the same thing on the opposite side with your gaze fixed on the left thumbnail, this time using your creative energy of the right brain to magnetize all help, all blessings and opportunities to you.

  8. Again hold for two minutes, release your energetic arrow and reap the rewards!

Real Mom Peaceful WarriorSat Nam.

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