On most hikes, my youngest kiddo picks up a stick along the trail. He’ll search around and toss a few until he finds the one that fits his mood best. Within steps after finding the staff that will lead us, a transformation begins; his shirt comes off and his inner warrior comes out. It’s a right we all have, but one children still know how to exercise.

We hike a lot, so we have a lot of sticks and other randoms from the paths we’ve explored … and, yes, we tend to always bring bits and pieces home. Most of the time they pile up, but on this day, because it’s too hot to do much else, we’ve decided to round up our combings and giggle our way into an ART STOP.

Here you have what we came up with. The cloth that we used to tie the pieces is remnant T-shirt material. The stretch in it allows you to pull and tighten easily. There are no directions—just tool around and play.

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