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Art Stop- Recycled Toy Collage by McKenzie Satterthwaite

Want a fun way to honor the toys the kids have outgrown, lost most of the pieces to? This project is a dynamic family activity that looks great hanging just about anywhere!

Your band of misfit toys (the more textures the better)

An old door or piece of plywood

Strong adhesive glue (Liquid Nails, Weldbond). Do not use Gorilla Glue it can expand too much making a mess)

Spray paint (we used a flat finish instead of a satin finish to eliminate the reflective glare)

Cover your surface by gluing on the items. Start with the larger items first to make sure you have the space. Work the smaller items in around the larger.

Allow to dry for 24 hours so glue could secure throughly.

Once dry, spray entirely with your color of choice. Let dry.

Depending on the size and weight, you may need hooks and heavy duty anchors to hang. It’s super fun as a focal piece in a family room or playroom!

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