You have the most beautiful taste and charm and dedication to your family.  Ruled by Venus your life is a work of art.  How do you balance all those things and still look like one of the most attractive people of all?  This is Venus’ realm, as are gemstones, art, poetry, clothing, and design. Think how many statues were created with Venus in mind.


What is the first thing a Libra will do when traveling? Find the most appealing hotel, preferably with a Spa. She will be the one who has a massage before dinner – the one who expects flowers and you’d better make them beautiful. She will be the one who changes the furniture in her hotel room to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

She will roll into town if she is traveling and be into her list of friends, letting them know she is there, setting up numerous engagements.

If I was appointing a Secretary of State, I would look for a Libra. If we look back at some of our greatest artists, they might have been Libras.

Just because they are massively talented and full of every kind of grace doesn’t mean they are a push over.

Libra is the solar opposite of Aries. Imagine the power of Aries wrapped in yards of blue or pink velvet.  The ultimate feminine mystique.  Libra males are by nature the Don Juans of the zodiac.  They are “God’s gift to women”, unless you happen to be married to one. Then you need to be equipped with a discerning eye and realize all women will find them attractive.

The same applies to the Libra child. If you have a Libra son, then you know half the kids in his class will be in love with him or he with them. He will find friends who treat him right. So will she if it is the reverse. She will draw beautiful things and expect you to frame them and to treat them as the masterpieces they really are. He will too.

Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning they are the initiators. Projects happen as a result of the never ending need to create, so make sure your child has ample supplies at their disposal to make that happen. Take them to galleries and museums and expose them to great art.

Libran children seek balance as do the adults. If they are in a home where there are arguments, it will be difficult for them as they do not like course or crude displays.

I have two very dear friends who are Libras and they are the two of the toughest woman I have ever known. They also look extremely beautiful when they dress to go out.

Those who have Venus prominent in their chart, often times go into the field of acting. All Libras seek balance of one kind or another and will at times have a challenge making up their minds about certain issues. Give them options and plenty of room to come to their decisions.

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