You cannot readily assign certain traits to a Pisces as you can other signs. They are such chameleons. Chris Martin (Coldplay), Adam Levine (Maroon Five), and Daniel Craig (James Bond) are all Pisces. Music plays a huge part in most Pisces charts. They seem to take on many colors, many flavors. They are mutable, water signs.

If you or your child is born around approximately February 19-23, you may reflect certain Aquarius traits. Same thing for the end of Pisces, approximately March 17-20—you can exhibit traits of your other neighbor, Aries.

Although this is true for all signs and all charts, it is especially true for the Pisces, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. They are amorphous believed to be able to socially shape- shift. They have a wonderful adaptability.

All water needs to be contained, otherwise it will dissipate. Same with the child. Help them create structures; just don’t let them know the structures are too binding or they will swim their way out.

Watch that you don’t corner one or it can get tricky. Justin Bieber is a Pisces. All the headway he made and then, perhaps hanging out with negative influences? Hopefully he is leaving that chapter behind.

On the other hand, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs were apart of this sign—and look what they were able to do.

When you think of meditation, perhaps this is a natural state for a Pisces—so long as they don’t drift off.

Alcohol or drugs of any kind must be “handled” with great responsibility. Being “high” is a natural state for a Pisces. If they have too much of anything, they will go after it time and time again. Make sure you know what kind of friends your Pisces kid is hanging out with.

If you have other kids, the Pisces child might sublimate his or her own ego.

Make sure they are being authentic, not just saying what they feel others would like to hear.

They are socially concerned, protecting the downtrodden.

George Harrison of the Beatles was a Pisces—and look what he was able to do in one lifetime. Remarkable!

If the world can move away from competitiveness and the “me first” mentality that seems to have emerged in the last few decades—and we can move toward a society based on interdependence—we will have gotten the Pisces message loud and clear.


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