Sagittarius … A personal fave of mine.
There would be no Pegasus … no unicorns, no excitement, no dress-up, or adventure without the energy of “sag,” as we call it.

Sagittarius is ruled by the sign Jupiter, and Jupiter of all the gods and goddesses bestows the most good fortune and luck.

Most Sagittarians know they are lucky. They like to gamble for the thrill, energy, and excitement of the process, and the winnings that allow them to do other things extravagantly. If you hear someone loud in a room, it could be a sag … Nothing subtle about this sign.

Photos: by Cathryn Farnsworth

If you are ever having a garage or estate sale, do so when the moon is in sag. People will take chances at that time and buy things they never knew they needed.

Never fence a Sagittarius in. For instance, if you are in a relationship with one, don’t make too many rules. Leave the carpal door open, clear for them to come and go, and they will always show up.

Sag is the sign of youth, and they are forever young, even at 90—at least in spirit. Sagittarius children need room to roam and lots of sports. Lots of play time.

Some of our greatest comedians are born under the sign of sag. They are naturally funny. Let your Sagittarius child discover everything. Take them on inspired trips, even if it’s around the block.

They make great friends if you don’t expect too much of them. For instance, their hearts always prompt them to say yes, but they can’t always deliver. Probably they’re already on their next adventure.

If I had a Sagittarius child, when they were old enough to appreciate it, I would set up a mini comedy club and let them run their routines for friends and family. Or gift them with a Comedy Club experience for kids.

Sagittarius is the sign of the quest—which goes along with the adventure theme. It is not about arriving, but going on the ride. This is the Sag for sure.

Sagittarians do not traditionally handle depression well. None of us should, but this sign really cannot deal with it. They don’t know how to process that kind of sinking feeling. Right now, Saturn has entered the sign of Sag, so for the next couple of years, unfortunately, all Sagittarians will be experiencing the Saturn transit over their natal sun. That means more responsibility (school work). A taciturn kind of energy may come over them. This transit needs lots of warmth, lots of support, lots of reminding them that life is fun and will return.

They need outdoor time every day, and it will have a positive influence. Make sure their teeth are looked at as well during this transit. Saturn governs teeth.

Another really funny tidbit: If you ever misplace something or think it is lost, ask a Sagittarius to help you find it, even if you just have them on the phone. They have a real gift for this sort of thing. I have seen it numerous times in my life.

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