Isn’t it funny… when people ask your ‘sign” and you tell them it’s Scorpio, how they edge away ever so carefully? Just in case — in case of what … in case you might eat them?  More likely you will stew in your own juices before you will go after theirs!

It’s not all fiction. Try not to get a Scorpio riled up. Mighty Scorpio has traditionally two rulers: Mars and Pluto.  They have ultimate power at their disposal, be it nuclear energy or Shamanic resurrection.  The trick, learning how to use it.

There are three manifestations of Scorpio.  Initially some begin life with a reptilian sensibility.  The Scorpion who, when angered, can hurt you and ultimately sting itself as well.

That same Scorpio can ascend to the Eagle version of it’s sign.  The one who soars above it all, seeing the big picture.  But that requires vision and purpose. It also requires getting over yourself.  Perhaps Scorpios need to know when young, what an ego is and how it can work for or against us.

There is a phoenix aspect to Scorpio. Some say, much must be relinquished in terms of the material world in order to reach such heights.  Maybe it is just about using that power and experience to rise up into a finer form of oneself.  Great leaders were born under this sign… gangsters too.

If your child is born under this sign, you have already begun this journey with them.  They like to go to the depths and sometimes brood.  Often they will process and burn.  It’s perfectly natural to do this if this is their sign.  They cannot be casual or flippant— not for very long.  They will learn through other kids when they’ve gone to far, or they will suffer until they do.

Scorpios have magnetism like no other sign.  They are possessive in matters of love.. and speaking of that .. make great lovers when they come of age.  Don’t ever lie to them.  You will lose a trust not easily won.

The ultimate detectives, archaeologists, CSI agents, scientists, healers, researchers, students… Once they oak onto something. it’s hard to distract them.

As soon as you can, help these kids learn not to hold a grudge!

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