While Virgo’s domain is one of service and work… It is also those who rule the harvest and things of the earth.

Need to organize … call a Virgo … Need an editor who can pull together a million loose ends? Put that in Virgo’s column as well.

Maybe the first vegetarian fell from this sign because they know instinctively what’s good for their sensitive stomachs and bowels.  Yoga is the perfect exercise for those born under this sign. It calms and focuses their mighty mind which can hold so many essential bits of information.

They make great therapists, because of their ability to analyze. Challenging as it is to shut down the mind .. Best let them sort into categories… “A” is for Albert, arborist, auto mechanics … or anything else that starts with this letter.

Dependable .. creative .. great nutritionists. If this is your child you are going to hear a million “why’s”. They need to know how things work so they can create their own filing system.

If you are a Virgo, you are well acquainted with natural medicine from Homeopathy to all the latest supplements. You know at least one good acupuncturist and several massage therapists.

I have known Virgo children who get blocked up. Virgo rules the intestines, so pay special attention to your child’s ability to poop properly.  Have plenty of roughage and water in their diet. Direct them to mindfulness teachings as soon as possible. Never let a Virgo down or you’ll be put it a bad box and you’ll never be able to get out.  Once Virgos see a flaw .. It is hard to get over it.

In general, female Virgos are more relaxed than their male counterparts.

Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of service and work ..,and rules cats.  Aries or Mars rules dogs.

Los Angeles is ruled by Virgo whereas the San Fernando Valley is ruled by Taurus.  No wonder LA is so work oriented.  Even if you’re playing .. There’s always a buzz of business.  Whereas Venice is ruled by Neptune which is far more kicked back.

This should be a great year for Virgos with Jupiter going into that sign after 12 years around the zodiac. Time to put all those ducks you’ve been lining up into the water. Remember with a Jupiter transit over your Sun, you will have many opportunities, many prospects. Discernment is advised.

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