Infertility can be an incredibly painful situation for any couple  who are eager to become parents. It can put enormous stress on a relationship, as well as on the individuals involved. IVF can also be a very stressful and expensive procedure that couples may seek out in their attempt to become pregnant. As a Kundalini yoga teacher as well as a pre-natal and post-natal  teacher, I encounter people on all sides of this situation.

A student who had struggled with infertility for over two years recently revealed that she was 15 weeks pregnant. She said that after all the stress and exhaustion of she and her husband trying everything under the sun to get pregnant  (including IVF) they decided to do some soul searching on their own lifestyle. Together they made a choice to make some radical lifestyle choices. They stopped drinking alcohol, changed their diet to plant based and focused on exercise and meditation. She figured, what did we have to lose in making ourselves feel better? After 6 months of a healthier and fitter lifestyle, they were able to conceive naturally.


Now this is not trying to claim anything miraculous will necessarily happen, as infertility can be caused by numerous variables. However, it is not a huge leap to say that when our bodies are not balanced, they cannot function properly. When we just treat the symptom, we often miss the cause. Once this couple found a more healthy, less stressful lifestyle approach, they were able to create the result they wanted.


Of course there are no guarantees in anything, but there is certainly no arguable downside in taking better care of ourselves when we are trying to conceive a child.

If you are struggling with infertility, here are some common sense suggestions to improve your lifestyle habits:


Eliminate the toxic, this includes drugs, the cigarettes that you smoke at parties, the glasses of champagne and the junkfood. Anything that you know isn’t good for you. Be honest with yourself. And never be too proud to seek help when you need it.


Consider going vegetarian and cleaner eating habits. Studies point more and more to meat being a cause of major health issues including heart disease and high cholesterol. In the yogic world, we are vegetarian because meat takes a long time to digest in the gut and therefore is incongruous with the natural balance of Prana(what we take in) and Apana (what we must let go.)


Feed your soul. Meditate for 20 minutes a day. Go on hikes where you can spend time under the trees and sky. Find time to write down your feelings. Journal, start a blog or write a letter to whomever you like. Writing can be a great way of purging our negative feelings. Take a personal day and walk in a garden or embark on something creative that you might never try like painting or drawing or even Tai chi.


Cut out the people who aren’t supportive. Don’t run around burning bridges, but being able to set some healthy boundaries for ourselves can be an enormous step in eliminating stress and focusing on self care.


Find a therapist or couples counselor that can help you both process the emotions that come up during the stress of infertility. There may be some subconscious factors at work that will be better dealt with consciously together. Find a way to get out of a state of blame and guilt and come together from a loving supportive place.


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