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6 Unusual Toothache Remedies for Children

An unbearable toothache in the middle of the night is the last thing any parent would want their child to go through. Research shows that toothaches due to tooth decay are the second largest and common issue faced by children. While a cavity may be inevitable at times, witnessing your child’s pain is difficult. It’s essential to have a batch of remedies to try before rushing to the emergency room.


1.Clove Oil

Clove Oil is very beneficial for toothaches because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Take a few drops of clove oil in a small cotton ball or swab and let it soak for a few seconds. Then apply it directly to the affected region. It will help numb the area of the teeth and hence your child will get faster relief.

You can also squeeze a little amount of clove oil into coconut oil and use it after properly mixing them. Coconut oil itself is also beneficial for toothaches as it helps in reducing plaque formation, tooth decay, and other gum diseases.

Moreover, you can use clove oil mixed with vegetable oil/olive oil to prevent your child’s abscessed tooth. Clove also can be chewed on its own slowly and pushed near the affected area.

2.Ground Cinnamon

While it brings back the memories of holiday desserts, ground cinnamon is actually found to be very beneficial for preliminary toothache remedy. It is a great pain reliever and an antimicrobial too! The best way to use it is to mix properly with an adequate proportion of honey and then applied directly on the gums.

Other than that, you can also dip cinnamon sticks in warm water and make your child drink the same at regular intervals. These two processes will keep the gums healthy and also clean the mouth of the children. If used regularly, cinnamon can effectively prevent mouth odour.

 3.Tea Bags

Peppermint is a household name for us with its wide use in many dishes. But only a handful of us are aware of its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It is quite effective in reducing unwanted toothaches with ease.  Just put a peppermint tea bag in a glass of water. Wait until the water soaks the tea completely. After a while, warm the mixture to a bearable temperature. Let your child swish the water and spit it out. It will help ease out the pain quickly allowing you to seek medical precautions smoothly.


Use of garlic in oral infections may sound strange. But due to its antioxidant and antibiotic properties, garlic is helpful in curing swollen gums or minor sores due to bacteria. Garlic is usually easily accessible in every household. The real trick: getting your child to chew 1 or 2 small cloves! If you’ve got the magic touch and figure it out; encourage your child to chew near the affected region. If that is not possible, you can make a paste of garlic with salt and dab it on the painful area using cotton swabs.

5.Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be helpful in toothaches as it provides cure to irritation, swelling, and redness of gums (also known as ‘Gingivitis’). A small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a glass of water can be a quick remedy to your child’s sudden toothache. Make your kid swish this mixture (just like we do with a mouthwash). Please make sure your little one does not swallow it as it can cause severe stomach issues later on.


Acupuncture is widely accepted and acknowledged because of its revolutionary health remedies. Though we don’t commonly hear about this age-old technique as a toothache remedy, this concept is not alien to the medical field. There are several acupressure points in a human body. For instance, the highest point in the fleshy joint between the thumb and index finger of your child can act as an acupressure point. If pressed for 2-3 minutes at regular intervals, it can slightly help in reducing the pain due to inflammation. Apart from the above quick remedies, you can also inculcate this technique in case of minor pain for a faster relief.

Toothaches can occur due to several reasons such as lack of good oral habits, cavity, prolonged plaque build up, injury, bad nutrition etc. Hence, it is essential to encourage your children to practice habits such as regular brushing, using mouthwash and moderate consumption of sweets. While it is important to seek preliminary remedies, it’s always better to take medical help when the situation goes beyond your control. Since not everything can be handled at home and your child is more likely to panic when taken to a dentist. Often times a dentist will suggest a sedative or a small sedate mask in emergencies. If your situation has gotten to this stage, know that these masks are designed for comfort and the precise release of nitrous oxide which will reduce terror and allow your child to relax.  Patience, proper implementation of the preliminary remedies and presence of mind in time of emergencies will surely save your children from further pain. Check out more REAL MOM DAILY health and wellness articles HERE

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