Make up Forever, Sephora, Armani, and NYX offer some great options and price points.

I have inherited so much from my dad. His eye for design, his honesty, admittedly a bit of OCD, and … some killer under-eyecircles. But with a quick swipe of a good yellow-based concealer, t is easily camouflaged and corrected. (Can’t say the same for the OCD.)

So how do we color-correct our facial flaws?

Let’s go back to the color wheel ….

Here’s where you can take your cue. For example, red is directly across from green. Green will neutralize red, like an unwelcome pimple or the more challenging rosacea.

Purple/lavender will eliminate a pasty or dull complexion. It will significantly brighten.

Yellow is across from blue and purple. Yellow will camouflage bruises, veins, and under-eye circles. It is also a great eye-shadow base.

Orange is best for darker skin tones to hide under-eye circles or spots of deep discoloration.

When larger areas need correction, reach for a color correcting primer or foundation. For the smaller spots or circles, a concealer works just fine.

I prefer a brush to apply. When using a sponge or fingers, there is a tendency to press harder, thereby creating more redness.

Begin using a very small amount of product … and add more as needed.

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