Things to do With Dad on Father's DayOur fathers are our protectors, our safety nets, and our biggest fans. Father’s Day is about showing our dads how much we appreciate their unconditional love and support. Whether you’re a mom spending Father’s Day with your dad or hanging out with your hubby and the kiddos, amp up his day with these creative things to do with dad.

Attend a Father’s Day Car Show

Almost every town has a local car show to celebrate one of our father’s favorite toys – cars. If your dad is a car nut or is simply fond of admiring the classics, a car show is a fun and unique way to bond with dad. This is also a great place for kids to tag along. They don’t make vintage hot-rods like they used to, so the kiddos will have a blast experiencing something new. Remember, they can look but they can’t touch!

Tickets For Dad’s Favorite Band

Whether your dad loves the oldies, classic rock, or current country, there are always concerts going on. Surprise your pops with tickets to his favorite band’s last tour, even though it never really is their last. Outdoor music festivals or large arena tours are always a blast, and dad will appreciate you knowing his music taste. If you’ll be attending a local music festival, pack snacks, water, sunscreen, and lawn chairs.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are on the rise and for good reason! This physical adventure is thought provoking, fun, and thrilling. Book a session for the entire family at your local escape room. Anyone, from young to old, will enjoy an escape room outing. If dad loves adventure and enjoys solving puzzles and riddles, this will be the perfect Father’s Day treat.

Visit Dad’s Hometown

Take a spontaneous drive down memory lane with your dad and the whole family. Explore his hometown, visit the home he grew up in, check out his old stomping grounds, and his favorite restaurants. You can even spend the whole weekend exploring his hometown and experiencing it like a true local.

Camping Trip

Does your dad adore the outdoors? Surprise him and the whole gang with a weekend camping trip. There is so much to be seen and so many adventurous things to do on camping grounds. Take a plunge in the rushing river, go fishing, have a bonfire and indulge in warm smores, or play ultimate frisbee. There are an endless amount of activities and bonding to be had on a Father’s Day camping trip.

Beer (or Wine) Tasting

I can bet that dad’s favorite guilty pleasure is a cold glass of beer, and maybe wine if he’s in the mood. Take dad to a local beer tasting event, munch on delicious appetizers, and enjoy the sunshine. This can also double as a last minute Father’s Day gift for all you extremely busy moms out there!

Gastro Adventure

Have the kiddos print out a map of the town you live in and mark off-beat restaurants you’ve never been to! Indulge in each course at a new place and go for something you’ve never had before. You can even make a pit stop at the local park, throw the ball around, and exert some of the calories, but only to make room for more! Dad will feel thought of and appreciated when he sees the effort the kids put in to plan a fantastic day.

Divorced But Meaningful Father’s Day

This shouldn’t stop you from encouraging your children to be with their father on this special day. You can even go as far as planning a whole day for him and your children. Invite his family to come along, put feelings aside, and celebrate the fact that your children have an amazing daddy.

Get the little ones matching t-shirts and grab their dad one as well. This is a thoughtful and inclusive way to bring dad around and make him feel special on Father’s Day.

Woodworking Class

If dad loves creating things with his hands, a woodworking class would be the perfect Father’s Day activity! Even if you and the kids have no experience, the teacher will teach you the skills, and you’ll leave with something beautiful. The little ones can even make something for dad and he can keep it on his desk at work or in his man cave!

Happy Father’s Day to every daddy out there! We honor and celebrate you on this day. Give these Father’s Day ideas a try and you’ll create everlasting memories. Need parenting advice? Visit our blog today and explore all there is to offer.

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