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“As moms we can sometimes have feelings of  overwhelm to the point of panic.”


Anxiety is the result of all the accumulated stressors in our lives. As moms we can sometimes have feelings of  overwhelm to the point of panic. The experience of anxiety is a common complaint of many people in my yoga classes. Fortunately we have the Kirtan Kriya meditation to ease the burden.

Kirtan Kriya is a yogic technology for relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress. It takes the base mantra, otherwise known as the seed mantra of kundalini yoga “Sat Nam”, meaning I am truth and breaks it up into four parts. “Sa” meaning infinity,” Ta” meaning life, “Na” meaning death and “Ma” meaning rebirth. As you chant this mantra you are connecting to the cycle of creation and the joy of the infinite. It brings a total mental balance to the psyche.

TO BEGIN: Find a comfortable spot where you can sit undisturbed.  Sit in cross legged position with a blanket or pillow under your lower back. Just a few inches of support at the lumbar region will help lift your spine straight so your heart will be forward and your chakras down the spinal column will be in alignment.

NEXT:  Close your eyes and fix your attention on your third eye point between your eyebrows. Letting your hands rest easily on your knees with straight elbows, allow your thumb and your first finger to come together to say “Sa.” Next Move your thumb to the second finger and say. “Ta.” Now move your third or ring finger to the thumb and say “Na.” to finish move your thumb to pinkie and say, “ma.”  

This should move at a pace of about three seconds per repetition. Begin chanting the mantra aloud for about a minute. Next,  whisper the mantra for one minute, and then chant it to yourself silently for one minute all while moving your fingers along with the repetition.

REPEAT again at a whisper for a minute and finish aloud for one minute. You can choose to do each section longer but even at 5 minutes, it will help to reset your energy.

After completing this meditation your mind will feel more relaxed and calm. Your breathing will have slowed down and it will be long and deep from you belly. This is the perfect mediation to do before bed.

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