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Think about it, how often do you reach for a drink of something during the day?

One of the biggest culprits derailing your progress in your diet is actually not the food you are consuming. It is actually what you are drinking!

Now, let me start off by saying I’m not a calorie counter, and I’m not really a proponent of counting calories. However, I do believe in having an awareness of the calories you are consuming.

Most people do not consider, or even realize, all of the ways calories creep into their dietary habits. Calories from drinks are easily dismissed. Do you put cream in your coffee? Do you grab a green juice because you didn’t get in all of your daily veggies? How about that after dinner drink? Now, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t do any of these things. It’s totally okay, BUT you need to be aware that these things matter, and they affect you, your health, and wellbeing.

Another major culprit that needs to be addressed, even more so than the calories, is the contents of these drinks. The ingredients matter. The one to be on the lookout for more than anything is sugar. Sugar is lurking everywhere, and it is the silent killer, the one thing that derails your healthy lifestyle more than anything else. (More to come on sugar, but let’s stick to drinks for now.)

Think about it, how often do you reach for a drink of something during the day? The first thing to consider is, what is this drink, and how do the ingredients add or detract from my daily eating habits?

Plain drinks with few to no calories that have no sugar:

* water (flat and sparkling)

* black coffee

* tea (green, black, herbal, etc.)

I know what you’re thinking…but that is so plain and boring. Well, these elements can be spruced up without derailing a thing.

Water can be enhanced with citrus fruits (lemon, lime, orange), cucumber, and/or mint.

Instead of cream or artificial non-dairy creamers for your coffee and tea, add in some nut milk (be cautious of added sugars), whole milk, ghee and/or coconut oil. In place of sugar or added sweeteners, use coconut sugar, agave, or stevia, but any of these should be used sparingly.

When you buy a bottled or ready for you beverage, the first thing to do is look at the label. Things to look for: ingredients, serving size, grams of sugar, and, lastly, calories. As I mentioned, it’s not about counting calories but simply being aware of how many calories are creeping into your daily consumption.

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