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We become what we give our attention to. It is so simple and yet so powerful how the way in which we direct our attention shapes our beliefs, and ultimately, our reality. When I teach yoga to adults and children, I often  try to emphasize how mantra becomes a type of medicine of words. Your words can curse you or they can serve you. When we choose positive words, positive thoughts and actions are closely connected. Those positive words resonate in our cells and create a better overall result. We can literally change our lives by the words we choose to speak.

The Happy Holy Breath:

This is a wonderful mantra to start each day. Give yourself the opportunity of committing to it for 40 days in a row and see how your inner voice is redirected from one of  a scolding critic to one of a loving friend supporting and applauding you.

1. Sit in cross legged position with eyes focused up at the third eye point (the pituitary gland in the brain) between the brows.

2. Taking a deep full breath through the nose, hold the breath and silently repeat the mantra “Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I.” Three times through.

3. Exhale the breath and say the mantra out loud “Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I.”

4. Repeat for 3-11 minutes.

5. Repeat for 3-11 minutes.

Becoming more aware of our own subconscious voice is a courageous and empowering endeavor. If we are really honest with ourselves, ask yourself, how do I speak to myself? Is it kind or is it overly harsh? Would I speak that way to a friend or a child? If the answer is no, it is time to reassess and try this positive affirmation mantra as a daily dose of redirecting the voice in our head to be of better care and service to our greater good.

Sat Nam.


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