Maternity bomber jacket by Asos

“The recycled trend that is hot for this spring is the old bomber jacket that was popular in the early to mid 1990’s.”

I have a friend who swears by the fashion adage that if you are old enough to have worn it the first time it was in fashion, you are too old to wear it the second time it comes back. I am in strong defiance of this rule as I believe women should dress for whatever age they feel. Besides, I am sometimes all too happy when something comes back, because it’s familiar and I already know how to style it for my body. The recycled trend that is hot for this spring is the old bomber jacket that was popular in the early to mid 1990’s.

I had a black classic bomber jacket that I bought during my semester in Florence, Italy and I wore it constantly. All day I rode around the streets of Florence on my little motorino (which is an Italian bicycle/scooter hybrid) in jeans, motorcycle boots, bomber jacket and a fabulous Italian scarf. I felt casually chic and practical. It kept me warm and in-style that spring in Italy and I’m proud to be wearing this style again, some 20 years later.

The bomber jacket has been making a reappearance as a fashionable staple in classic colors as well as a shiny satin style. The great news is, there are a number of eco-friendly designers who are bringing this trend into the present day with a more sustainable approach. For a true spring wardrobe boost there are colorful embroidered motifs. They pair perfectly as we transition out of the winter months but still need a layer that’s a bit heavier than a sweater. It can be paired with jeans, skirts or dressed up over a dress in place of a moto or jean jacket. I have a longer style that rests at the hips for everyday weekend casual and a dressier one that has a bit of sheen and hits at the waist so it looks chic with a dress.


Check out these brands for an eco-friendly version that suits you: for a cool green in both color and make version made from reclaimed vintage fabrics has an MCA bomber jacket made of upcycled non leather suede in a gorgeous cornflower blue.

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